Saturday, June 18, 2011

Annie's Style

Hey is the official interview I promised you guys with the talented stylista Annie Ladino. I really love her work and I hope you guys will enjoy this reading....oh! and she is now the Chief Stylist at Shop It To Me so make sure you guys check it out =)

Currently Residing In:
East Village, Manhattan

My Styling Career Started When:
Becki Newton of formerly of Ugly Betty asked me to be her stylist after I helped her get dressed for the Marc Jacobs show she attended one year.

Favorite Styling Gig:
hhhhmmmm hard to say...

They're all different and what I like about each is different. I loved working on the Eat, Pray, Love tour with Julia Roberts. This was a long project and my first press tour. We traveled to some of the most beautiful places in the world with her amazing team and crew from the movie.

I love working with my friends Becki and Brooklyn. I've really enjoyed being part of a design team at Joy Cioci. Consulting at Loft has taught me so much and I've also been mentored by the Fashion Director, Alia Ahmed-Yahia. And how can I forget all the support from everyone at Elle.

Wait I got side tracked. There are no favorites but I've loved them all whether they've been difficult or glamorous, it's been an incredible experience and a wonderful journey.

On My Lust List:
Actually, it's on sale and I found it on ShopItToMe - I kind of love her but do I really need another Proenza Bag? YES!

Don't Leave the House Without My:
My blackberry! What? It's designer.

I would never wear....
Never say Never....Although I haven't worn culottes yet. Not flattering on my frame.

Style Muses:
Briggitte Bardot for her french je ne sais quoi. Cher Horowitz from Clueless for her ability to combine Alaia with Contempo Casuals. And Malibu Barbie - I imagine she surfs.

A wardrobe is never complete without?
Fierce shoes

Favorite Quote:
"But this is an Alaia! An a Whatta?! You know like a totally important designer!"

Favorite Designer:
Refer to favorite quote ^

Fashion is:
Not the end of the world....Have fun with it people!


  1. This is such a cool post! SO unique and entertaining to read! Great job, love your blog!

    XO Veronica
    my passion for fashion blog

  2. Great interview - I love Annie's work! I didn't realise that she'd styled Julia Roberts for the Eat Pray Love tour but everytime I saw pics of Julia during that time I kept finding myself thinking - 'wow i really love what she's wearing'! Particularly liking the draped dress in the line up - any chance Annie recalls who it's by?

    Annie's tweet led me here and really liking your blog! - my grown up one that is streetstyle shots I've taken showing what people can wear to work -
    x from australia!

  3. PS: that last photo of annie, makes me want to move to NYC - that's the shot!

  4. Love this! Cute interview Bij!!


  5. beautiful work BIjoux and SOOOOO glad you said "fashion is not the end of the world, have fun with it" I have always thought that to myself so im so glad you as a stylist feel the same! Some people take it way to seriously!

  6. amazing style and great women I have never heard of her before but this is a pretty cool interview Nice blog too!!



  7. !!! this is such a great interview!!! Such great questions~~~!! OH my, Annie's style is amaze... and cutecutecute she is!!! can I have her hair!?!? <3 <3 this.

  8. wow thanks for featuring this! it's nice reading about stylists to celebrities :)

  9. haha! loved the interview!
    nicee blog :-)

  10. RAD!! great fotos!!
    Very SOPHISTICATED blog!!